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Ardmore United Methodist Church
Ardmore, Tennessee

Historic restoration

The preservation of Ardmore United Methodist Church was a project where the “people factor” was far more important than the “bottom line.” Built in 1922, the church was a local landmark and gathering place in the community. Given its local importance, the restoration project became a community centered effort.

In 2002, while contracting to have a metal roof installed on the building, an inspection revealed that the church’s rafters where improperly cut during the installation of an HVAC system in 1964. Eventually the building was condemned due to the failing roof. Despite advice to demolish the church, the congregation voted to proceed with the restoration of the sanctuary.

Brindley Construction was selected to complete the project which included new roof rafters and attic repairs. Outside, the original bricks were re-installed to preserve the look of the exterior. This project was awarded the 2003 National Excellence in Construction Award for Historic Renovation Projects by the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC).

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