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10 Steps to Satisfaction & Success On Your Next Construction Project

Posted by J.J. Brindley | May 25, 2021 7:15:00 PM

Starting a construction project can seem daunting. Between gathering your team, identifying your needs, selecting a site and obtaining the financing, you create a mountain of work that seems impossible to overcome. And, then there are the unknowns—the things you haven't even considered.

At Brindley Construction, we value education and we know that information is power. We want to educate our customers on the construction process in advance so that they feel like part of the team and they feel confident knowing they have us—the general contractor—holding their hand throughout the entire project.

Whether you are interested in utilizing the design-build delivery method—where the general contractor manages the design team as well as the construction team under a single contract—or you plan to use the traditional method where you already have an architect and a set of plans and need guidance building the project, Brindley is here to help.

When you embark on a construction project with the Brindley Team, here is what you can expect:

1. Meet with The Clients

The first step when you entrust Brindley Construction with your project is to have a meeting with the project manager to go over what your needs are, the size of the project, scope, schedule, and budget. If you already have drawings in hand, this is when you would review with the project manager where you are at in the process.

When using the design-build delivery method, the client meets with the project manager to review needs, schedule and budget. Brindley will find the right architect for your project.

2. Preconstruction Services

After meeting with the project manager, Brindley will work on obtaining the necessary items to provide you with a preliminary budget. This can include anything from conceptual drawings to phasing and delivery methods.

When using design-build, the project manager works with the architect to develop conceptual drawings, accurate cost data, materials insight, budgeting, and phasing, if necessary.

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Design-Build Construction | Brindley Construction3. Develop the Budget
Once the project manager has the conceptual drawings signed off on and the materials insight, he/she will provide a preliminary budget based on the 50% drawings.

4. Perform Value Engineering

When the project manager has the preliminary budget, he/she will then perform value engineering. This is when they systematically substitute materials and methods with less expensive alternatives. This is important when a client is price conscious or on a tight budget. Regardless of project delivery method, your project manager will be able to perform value engineering based off the 50% drawings.

Value Engineering | Brindley Construction5. Select Key Consultants

At this phase of the project, if the architect and/or engineers have not already been selected, the project manager will select choose these key consultants to complete the drawings and update the budget based on 100% drawings. Under the design-build method, the project manager is already working with the architect and the engineer, and will update the budget based on the 100% drawings.

6. Request Bids

From the final budget, the project manager will obtain bids from three subcontractors from each of the major trades, typically mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and other key subcontractors depending upon the scope of your project. After bids are returned, the project manager will share the numbers with the client. This transparency allows the client to see the costs and make informed decisions.

7. Kick-off Meeting

After the subcontractors have been selected for the project, a kick-off meeting is held with the client to review the budget, the schedule and list of subs. The client will also meet the rest of the team (superintendent, executive in charge, and support staff). Over the duration of the project, the individuals the client meets at the kick-off meeting will be their points of contact. This a great time for the client to get to know our team as we will likely be working closely together for months.

Inspirit Groundbreaking | Brindley Construction

8. Groundbreaking Ceremony

Once the kick-off meeting has been completed, a groundbreaking ceremony will be organized to celebrate the start of the project. This also gives the client and the construction team a chance to meet again, along with the architect and engineer(s) on the project.

9. Project Management

Throughout the project, the project manager and superintendent will provide regular updates and answer any questions that the client may have. A monthly meeting is typically scheduled, along with a bi-weekly jobsite meeting and safety meeting. During this time, it is important for the contractor to keep all parties informed of the progress and any changes that may come along.

Ribbon Cutting | Brindley Construction

10. Project Close-Out

Once the project has been completed, the project manager will provide the customer with O&M manuals and training. A ribbon cutting ceremony will be planned for the client, design and construction team members and members of the community to celebrate the opening of the new location. Along with this event, we provide social media and digital promotion for your business and your new facility or addition.

Whether this is your first construction project or your tenth, Brindley Construction wants you to feel like a pro throughout the entire process. Education is key, and the most important thing you can do is to find a contractor that is willing to educate about the process and shepherd you through the different phases of a construction project so you can enjoy the success of your new facility.

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Written by J.J. Brindley

J.J. joined Brindley Construction in 2013 as the assistant director of business development. He is responsible for supporting Brindley’s management on all strategic and operational marketing and customer relationship activities. He provides market feedback to Brindley’s leadership regarding competitive offerings and prospect needs, as well as generates product development ideas. J.J. is involved with the Associated Builders & Contractors of North Alabama. He served as president of the chapter’s Emerging Leaders program in 2017, for which he received the Spirit of Service Award.

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