Design-Build Construction

This turn-key approach is simply the most cost-efficient way to build.

With the design-build construction delivery method, Brindley Construction serves as the single source and maintains full accountability for the project. This saves you time, money and headaches, while ensuring your needs, objectives, schedule and budget are fully met.

Brindley is responsible for the selection of the architect/engineer most appropriate for your project. During the design phase, Brindley works hand-in-hand with the architect to ensure your project meets your design goals and budget.

Cost Savings
Leadership from the Brindley team in both design and construction ensures cost savings through the prudent use of materials, cost-efficient construction processes and reduced labor costs.

With the Brindley team involved from the start of the design process, components of the project—such as site preparation and foundation work—can take place while more detailed designs are being completed.

Hassle-free Relationships
Because the owner, architect and builder work together as a team, emphasis is placed on harmony and combined solutions.

Time Savings
Because the project is more efficient and construction can actually begin before the final designs are completed, owners can occupy their facilities sooner.

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