Tenneplas Addition - Windsor Mold USA, Inc.
Pulaski, Tennessee

Auto parts manufacturing plant addition

In 2021, the Brindley Team worked with Architect Barge Design to construct a new 38,000-square-foot metal building addition to the existing Tenneplas plant in Pulaski. 

The 11-month project saw multiple challenges, including more than 38 inches of rainfall and supply chain issues as a result of the pandemic. The Brindley Team added stone to the building pad to help keep the project on schedule, while innovating ways to keep much-needed supplies on hand. 

The building was originally designed with a peak height of 42 feet. After the design and fabrication of the building, the owner’s insurance carrier would not except the sprinkler design because of new criteria that indicated the building could not be more than 40 feet tall. To address this issue, the Brindley Team installed a drop ceiling on 30% of the building to satisfy the insurance company’s requirements.

Tim Rohling served as project manager and Ricky Stubblefield  was the project superintendent. 

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