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2020 Employees of the Year

Posted by Ronnie Brindley | Jun 16, 2021 4:11:19 PM

Each year, Employee of the Year recipients are chosen by a vote by their fellow employees. These employees demonstrate the company mission and are held in the highest esteem by their co-workers. It is with much excitement and pleasure that we name Jenny Hobbs the 2020 Employee of the Year!

Jenny is the Project/Marketing Assistant as well as Brindley’s Safety Coordinator. Jenny truly is a team player. Her creativity, professionalism, and integrity make her an invaluable team member and friend.

“When I first joined Brindley, I was not sure what to expect. I had big shoes to fill, but Jenny from the very first day was helpful and has been my go-to person ever since,” said Lauren Reed, Brindley Construction Director of Marketing. “She not only is an asset to Brindley Construction as a whole, but she is a pleasure to work with. I am happy she is a part of the Marketing team!”

Brindley & Associates Employee of the Year_LR

Employee of the Year for Brindley & Associates, Inc. was awarded to two individuals – Sherry Barr and Willie Angel.

“Sherry and Willie are both valuable assets to Brindley & Associates, Inc. It is obvious why their fellow co-workers chose them as employees of the year. Their work ethic is always above and beyond, and they always give 100 plus percent,” said Terry Mitchell, Executive Vice President of Brindley & Associates.

Sherry Barr has worked for Brindley & Associates for 10 years. She is the Resident Manager at Pulaski Terrace Apartments.

“For an individual to be awarded employee of the year not once, but twice speaks volumes. Sherry Barr can be described in one word: dedicated. Sherry demonstrates dedication in everything she does—not only in her professional role but also in her personal role as a mother and friend to many,” noted Katie Journey, Compliance and Multi-family Property Manager.

Willie Angel has worked for Brindley & Associates for 14 years. He performs site maintenance for Pulaski Terrace Apartments.

“Residential maintenance is a 24/7 commitment to make sure everything is properly functioning and, most importantly, your residents are safe and satisfied,” said Katie Journey. “Willie Angel goes above and beyond to make sure all those things are accomplished on a daily basis. He is committed to his work and his B&A team. He gives his all to the job and his team!”

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Written by Ronnie Brindley

Ronnie earned a Bachelor of Science/Business Administration degree from Auburn University and has more than 30 years of professional experience in general construction. Before assuming responsibility for the overall management and operations at Brindley Construction, he served in various areas on the business side of the corporation. Ronnie’s primary commitment is to direct the company’s management and professional staff in providing complete and comprehensive services to ensure every client’s design needs are met, within their budget and their timeframe. His continued goal is to establish Brindley Construction as a responsible, growing firm, respected in the community and AEC field. He is active in the community and is a member of the Industrial Development Board, and was a former president of the Pulaski Exchange Club and the Giles County Chamber of Commerce.

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