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Simple Beginnings

Posted by Ronnie Brindley | Nov 27, 2020 11:17:00 AM

A loan of $10,000.00 and a small frame home marked the beginning of a 60-year success story evolving into a multifaceted corporation operating throughout the Southeast.

Brindley Construction Company was founded in 1960 by my father, Robert Brindley. Over the past 60 years, dedication to quality construction and industrial development, coupled with a foundation built on only the best people, have made Brindley Construction what it is today.

As we had planned to celebrate our 60th Anniversary this year, we had big plans...

Though plans have changed due to COVID-19, we still celebrate every day and look forward to celebrating with you all in the future. We do want everyone to realize this milestone has been achieved as a direct result of the hard work of our employees, the trust of oRobert Brindley, Founder | Brindley Constructionur customers and the support of our wonderful community. This year, we decided to focus on doing our part to ensure that our jobsites are safe, our employees and subcontractors are using the CDC’s best practices and that we continue to pay attention to the needs of local businesses and our community during this unprecedented time.

Our dad surrounded himself early on with the “best.” His philosophy was that the best foundations are made with people. We have always been proud of our employees who have given their efforts to make Brindley Construction a success. To know we have surrounded ourselves with employees who can carry on during these unprecedented times and still maintain this company’s highest standards, warms our heart. If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it is that the “best” people make the solid foundation of Brindley Construction and that “best” continues to build this great company.

As we look back on the last 60 years and think about the years to come, we cannot help but be grateful for our employees, the support of our community, and the opportunities we have been given by our clients to help make their visions come to life. Brindley Construction would not be where we are today without every one of you. Cheers to 60 years!

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Written by Ronnie Brindley

Ronnie earned a Bachelor of Science/Business Administration degree from Auburn University and has more than 30 years of professional experience in general construction. Before assuming responsibility for the overall management and operations at Brindley Construction, he served in various areas on the business side of the corporation. Ronnie’s primary commitment is to direct the company’s management and professional staff in providing complete and comprehensive services to ensure every client’s design needs are met, within their budget and their timeframe. His continued goal is to establish Brindley Construction as a responsible, growing firm, respected in the community and AEC field. He is active in the community and is a member of the Industrial Development Board, and was a former president of the Pulaski Exchange Club and the Giles County Chamber of Commerce.

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