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The Importance of Preconstruction Services

Posted by Brindley Construction | Apr 6, 2023 9:23:53 AM

Preconstruction is crucial to a project's success. Preconstruction services are here for peace of mind.

What are Preconstruction Services?

Preconstruction is the time to carefully review and plan to help reduce the risks associated with constructing your project. This is the time to share your vision and dreams with your contractor. Preconstruction services often include budgeting, conceptual drawings, materials insights, phasing, and more! There is a lot of work that goes into a project and having us involved early on helps the project run more smoothly. Preconstruction services are used to assist in meeting your visions and needs while aiming to match the budget. Preconstruction is crucial to a project's success.

What is the goal of Preconstruction?

A preconstruction meeting's objective is to make sure everyone is on the same page before the project commences. As a result, we can accomplish your envisioned project and prevent unnecessary costs and conflicts. Preconstruction services is your time to ask any questions and address all your goals. Preconstruction services are here for peace of mind.

What are the benefits of Preconstruction services?

Preconstruction services led to project success. Preconstruction services help you understand the project better from every aspect and make more thoughtful decisions. It helps prevent unseen conflicts from occurring. It also ensures your time and finances are being used wisely. Preconstruction promotes communication from the start to confirm everyone has a clear idea of your vision.

Brindley Construction provides an array of pre-construction services. By inviting us to be part of your team in the early stages of your project development, we can help owners and architects with:

  • accurate historical cost data for projects of similar scope
  • pertinent scheduling data
  • valuable insight into the availability of products and materials
  • assistance in developing construction phasing and delivery methods
  • budgeting and monitoring through schematic design, design development

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