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How to Avoid Hiring the Wrong Contractor and the Benefits of Choosing a Good One

Posted by Brindley Construction | Oct 27, 2022 8:14:22 PM

When you embark on a new construction, addition or renovation project, there is a lot at stake—budget, schedule, productivity, and a host of other concerns. When looking for a contractor, you may come across many options. This sometimes can seem like an undaunting task - Let us walk you through the top 5 warning signs you should be looking for, if you are to avoid selecting the wrong contractor. 

Lack of Communication and Reachability

If a contractor doesn’t return your initial phone calls or emails, keep looking. You want a reputable company that stays in constant communication throughout all aspects of your project. The best contractors will be open and always striving to keep their clients informed. Typically, you will have an individual or a team assigned to your project that will manage it from start to finish. If a company is not quick to provide you with information about your construction project, search for a more reliable company.

Lack of Transparency in Bidding

While it may be tempting to hire the lowest bidder, low costs do not always result in a quality deliverable. It’s important to remember the old adage: “You get what you pay for.” Look for aspects of the bid that are not transparent and ask questions to ensure the contractor is able to work within your budget. Does the bid cover all your project needs? Are any items left out or left for later? A good contractor will want to drill down into the details of your project to do quality cost estimating, so be prepared to answer a lot of questions and be specific about your needs (immediate and future) and your preferences. A bad contractor will dodge your questions and push to start working. 

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Lack of References

If a company is unable to provide you with references from previous projects, this may indicate a lack of client satisfaction or inability to complete a project on time or on budget. Regardless, seek a contractor who has a high customer satisfaction rate and is open with sharing recommendations from previous clients. Don’t hesitate to conduct this research on your own by searching their website or other review sources. Once again, ask questions of a potential contractordoing your homework ahead of time will save you hassle and money in the long run.

No Affiliation with a Trade Association

Members of Associated Builders & Contractors (ABC) and the Construction Leadership Network (CLN) take advantage of advanced safety training, focus groups and peer roundtables on subjects such as project management, technology and innovative techniques. These contractors are typically at the top of their game and stay there by honing their skills and certifications each year. If a contractor is not involved in associations, it may indicate their lack of desire to remain updated on the industry—which could mean you end up with a subpar deliverable.

Lack of Understanding the Companies Values

What a company stands for can play a major role in how your project is run from start to finish. If your contractor does not value honesty and integrity, you may run into issues with pricing and overall quality of your project. If they are not dependable, you may find yourself with a severely delayed project or worse - an incomplete  project. Knowing your builder provides an instant connection that can take, what would have been a large stressful project, and turn it into a process you enjoyed. If the builder does not have a website or cannot provide you with information on their company, you should look elsewhere.

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The Benefits of Hiring a Quality Contractor

Signs of a Good Contractor | Brindley Construction | Pulaski, TennesseeWhether your project is large or small, there are some distinct advantages to hiring a commercial contractor. Managing a construction project is an enormous responsibility that requires highly specific skills and knowledge, not to mention a tremendous amount of time and patience. At Brindley Construction, we strive to provide top quality customer service all while delivering an end result that exceeds expectations. If the thought of handling it all yourself is overwhelming, know that you don’t have to do it alone. Hiring someone to help you take on the challenge means replacing that stress with confidence.

Contractors know the building process from start to finish, up and down, left to right. They can get you past inspection and they know which subcontractors to hire (and how to work with them). That unforeseen roadblock that could bring your project to a halt? Yeah, they’ve seen itand handled itbefore. You buy insurance for your vehicle and for your home, why wouldn't you invest in insurance for your construction project? Hiring a reputable contractor brings you the piece of mind knowing that they will shepherd you through the building process -and along the way provide you with the best route to take that will save you not only money but many headaches.

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