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Experience, Dedication, and Integrity are our cornerstones. Building the Southeast since 1960, our company has grown and evolved into a successful full-service construction company with extensive experience in commercial, industrial, institutional, religious, assisted-living and medical projects. We are pleased to serve clients in Tennessee, Alabama, Kentucky, Georgia, and Missouri.

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How We Ensure Quality While Building Commercial Construction Projects

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Avoiding Common Construction Mistakes

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New Business Ventures: Building from Scratch or Renovating an Existing Space?

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Success and Challenges in the Guntersville Parks and Recreation Renovations

on Jul 25, 2023 8:43:03 AM By | Brindley Construction | 0 Comments | Projects construction
The Guntersville Parks and Recreation Center’s new facilities are complete!
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Q&A With Robbie Masucci, Brindley Construction’s Senior Estimator

We sat down recently with Brindley Construction's Senior Estimator, Robbie Masucci, and asked him to tell us about his experience working for Brindley. (left to right: Jeff Brindley, Vice President; Robbie Masucci, Senior Estimator; Ronnie Brindley, President)
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The Eagle Has Landed Again

on Apr 20, 2023 11:51:40 AM By | Brindley Construction | 1 Comment | Projects Pulaski, Tennessee Historic Renovation construction
The Eagle Has Landed… Again.
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The Importance of Preconstruction Services

on Apr 6, 2023 9:23:53 AM By | Brindley Construction | 0 Comments | Projects construction process
Preconstruction is crucial to a project's success. Preconstruction services are here for peace of mind.
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Columbia Academy's Newest Additions

on Mar 22, 2023 11:24:31 AM By | Brindley Construction | 0 Comments | Projects Spring Hill, Tennessee construction
Columbia Academy’s new additions will help continue the tradition of confidence and exceptional education for students. Columbia Academy's Vest Hall - pictured above.
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Brindley Construction, LLC Honored as a National, Top-Performing US Construction Contractor by ABC

on Mar 7, 2023 10:00:00 AM By | Brindley Construction | 0 Comments | Awards ABC Award safety
Brindley Construction, LLC is proud to represent merit shop construction as an @ABCNational 2023 Top Performer!
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Q&A With Corbin Davis, Brindley Construction’s New Marketing Director

on Feb 23, 2023 10:05:18 AM By | Brindley Construction | 0 Comments |
We sat down recently with Brindley Construction's new Marketing Director, Corbin Davis, and asked her to tell us about her experience during the first couple of weeks in her new role.
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