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Success and Challenges in the Guntersville Parks and Recreation Renovations

Posted by Brindley Construction | Jul 25, 2023 8:43:03 AM

The Guntersville Parks and Recreation Center’s new facilities are complete!

Opened to the public at the beginning of the year, the Guntersville Parks and Recreation Center’s new facilities are complete! This project included demolishing the existing structure down to studs and rebuilding a gymnasium with multiple basketball courts, racket ball courts, concessions, and offices in one building. The project also included the construction of four restrooms, both men’s and women’s, along the walking trail on Lake Guntersville. Shortly after preproduction, it was found that the roofer, which was the low bidder, was not going to be able to meet the proposed schedule because of supply chain issues. We quickly regrouped and worked with a trusted supplier, and they were able to get the materials when needed to stay on our Critical Path. We also re-phased this part of the schedule allowing us to ultimately meet the agreed end date.

Another challenge was the timely installation of the hardwood flooring. Since the hardwood flooring needed to be acclimated in the conditioned space it was going to be installed in, the HVAC had to be operational. The switch gear panel delivery became another supply chain issue for us to overcome. The electrical switch gear panel was delayed multiple times affecting the schedule on the installation of the flooring. To make matters worse, the electrical switch gear panel was delivered in pieces at a time. The panel-can was delivered one week and weeks later the inner parts would be delivered separately. To overcome the delays, we reused the existing electrical switch gear until the new one came in. After the flooring was acclimated and installed, we scheduled a single day and replaced the switch gear panel all in one day.

In the end, this was a very successful project for Brindley Construction, LLC, Emmett D. Smith and Associates (Architect), and the City of Guntersville. We were able to bring the project in on time and on budget. We were able to return a built-in contingency in full to the owner. Jeff Brindley served as the Project Manager, Maurice Griffith was the Project Superintendent, and Melissa Pierce was the Project Assistant.

New Facilities
New Facilities
Gym entry
Restroom along the walking trail on Lake Guntersville
Restroom along the walking trail on Lake Guntersville

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