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Wheelerton Baptist Church Continues to Grow

Posted by Kathy Pigg | Apr 16, 2019 7:11:00 PM

Wheelerton Baptist Church, located in Dellrose, Tennessee was first established in 1944. By historical standards, Wheelerton Baptist is a recent addition to the membership of Giles County’s religious institutions. Following their first organizational meeting, 14 member families immediately set about making plans to build a church building to house Wheelerton Baptist’s congregation. A building site was donated by Mrs. Vera Soloman, who owned land in the community, and funds and furniture started coming in to the building committee in the amount of $415.68.

The committee was able to locate a building belonging to a disbanded church and purchased it for $150. Church members, friends, family and other volunteers dismantled the structure, working to relocate the building to its new home. From some of the lumber, log benches were fashioned as seating for the church.

During the construction, the dedicated members continued to hold services at a member’s home and then in a vacant house across the street from the building site. The church has continued to grow over the past 74 years and improvements were made to the exterior in the 80s and 90s.

In 2001, additional Sunday school rooms were added. To meet the needs of the growing congregation, the sanctuary was doubled in size. In 2009, the outdoor picnic shelter was enclosed to add a youth Sunday school and recreation room.

Wheelerton Baptist Church | Dellrose, TN | Brindley ConstructionAs the church approaches its 75th anniversary, Brindley Construction will assist with expanding the building for its ever-growing congregation. The scope of the project includes constructing an addition to the existing church which will accommodate additional classrooms, bathrooms, an IT classroom, a fellowship hall outfitted with a kitchen, and a drive-through canopy. A groundbreaking ceremony was held on April 4, 2019. We are so blessed to be working with the members of Wheelerton Baptist Church and are thankful they have placed their trust in the Brindley Construction Team!
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Written by Kathy Pigg

Executive Vice President and Director of Marketing
Kathy began her career as a project assistant with Brindley Construction, LLC. She moved up through the ranks becoming a project manager and took charge of all multi-family construction. As Executive Vice President she manages the warranty program for our clients and is vital in the every day management of each project. With years of practical experience and her continuing quest for knowledge, she strives to serve the clients of Brindley Construction in a professional and sincere manner. Kathy is a Giles County native and has lived and worked here her entire life.

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